$ 22.00

Nostepinne is a Scandinavian word that means "nest stick".  It is a tool that is used to wind yarn into a visually pleasing center-pull ball for easy knitting and crocheting  -  or for whatever you are doing with yarn.  Click here to view one of the many YouTube videos we found that show you how to use a nostepinne.

Our nostepinnes are made by Robert Dawson of Dawson Woodworks in Winthrop.  Bob is a retiree who enjoys woodworking – primarily woodturning.  He likes working with domestic and figured hardwoods.  He made our current supply from either birch, curly maple, East Indian rosewood, and tulip wood.

The lengths of the nostepinnes range from 9 1/4" to 12 3/4". The thicker ends are approximately 1" tapering to approximately 1/2".



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