JaggerSpun Heather (sport)

$ 7.50

This is a sportweight, 100% wool yarn which knits at approximately 6 sts. to the inch on a #4 needle. These 50 gram skeins contain 166 yards. 

The colors are rich, but not overly saturated. It is soft, yet customers' experiences tell us it holds up well without pilling. It is great for colorwork, and if you like doing it, you'll want a skein of each color for your palette!  Hand washing is recommended.

JaggerSpun, of Springvale, has been producing spun yarns since the 1880’s when Uriah Jagger arrived from England and established a worsted spinning operation in the Mousam Valley of southern Maine. Since then, they have produced the yarns for the wholesale commercial markets. Putting yarn up in skeins, to provide stock to retail yarn shops, is very new to them.

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