Introducing Fiber of Maine!

Fiber of Maine Subscription

Just a short while ago, on a snowy Sunday afternoon, Helen dreamed up the idea of Fiber of Maine. "What if there was a website where you could shop Maine-made fiber products from the comfort of your home?", she wondered.  And what if, at the heart of that website, was a yarn subscription, where once a month, a small skein of beautiful Maine yarn and simple pattern would show up on your doorstep no matter where you lived?  

Owning a yarn shop in downtown Belfast, Maine since 2003, Helen has gotten to know yarn dyers, handspinners, wood turners, button makers and many customers who are visiting "from away". The shop is small, and doesn't really have the space to display all the wonderful notions and products the craftspeople of our state can provide.  Our goal is to use Fiber of Maine to introduce you to the craftspeople that we have come to appreciate, and to bring a piece of Maine to your home state.

What started as a mid-snowstorm daydream has very quickly turned into a reality.  We're so glad you're joining us for this adventure!


  • I just love receiving my package each month, when I open it I feel as though I have been visiting Maine and seeing the woolies that made the yarn, now I need to get back to my knitting. Thank you for giving me the best Christmas present ever !

    EIleen Cashin
  • I love Heavenly Socks Yarn shop. I wish we had that sort of yarn shop in Pennsylvania. Helen is the best! I commute to work on regional rail and have the luxury of knitting a solid 1/2 hour each way (my commute is longer than that but I need to settle in/out). The subscription service is a joy to receive! I love the yarn selections.

    Mary Ann
  • I love this site, love the yarn and supplies at your shop and love you too! You are a great inspiration for all knitters…our knitting guru! Thank you!

    Gabrielle Wicklow
  • Just opened my FABULOUS cherry umbrella swift. I have had a Beka swift for several years and decided to splurge on this beauty. My son, Trevor, walked in the room and said, “Wow! That is an absolute work of art!” I will think of my friends in Maine every time I use it. Thank you!!

  • It may be a small shop, but the inventory is stellar, prices the best, and the assistance, should you need it is always friendly and helpful. Best Little Yarn Shop in Maine!

    Janet Bruehl

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