Spinning Yarn Holders

$ 36.00

These spinning yarn holders are made by Robert Dawson of Dawson Woodworks in Winthrop.

A center pull yarn ball is placed on the spindle and the yarn gets pulled from the outside without friction or tension. These spinning yarn holders work particularly well with very thin yarns and with yarns that do not hold up well in the skein. They also make a great gift!

The bases of the spinners are made of curly maple.  The center spindles are different, with three wood choices available at this time: curly maple, red heartwood, and walnut.

The base of each spinner is approximately 5" in diameter and the measurement from the bottom of the base to the top of the spindle is approximately 7".

Bob is a retiree who enjoys woodworking – primarily woodturning.  He likes working with domestic and figured hardwoods. 

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