Handspun by Mulberry Marsh (heavy worsted/aran)

$ 18.00

Mulberry Marsh is a fiber farm nestled in the rolling hills of Jackson, Maine, where sheep and alpaca of many colors are pastured on an eco-friendly farm.  Mulberry Marsh Designs specializes in naturally colored dye-free knitwear and yarn.  All the fiber for their handspun yarns comes from Maine. 

The chocolate black is 100% Finnsheep wool.  Finnsheep are a centuries old breed originating in Finland.  The wool lends itself to being both soft and springy.

The medium grey is 100% Finn and the white is Shetland.  Both are very soft.

All colors are gauged as heavy worsted/aran weight, knitting at 4 - 4 1/2 stitches per inch on a US 8 (5mm).  The skeins are approximately 2 ounces/100 yards. One skein will make a pair of fingerless mitts. The Mulberry Marsh Fingerless Mitt pattern is free if you add it to your cart or it can be downloaded on Ravelry.

Why knit or crochet with handspun yarn? 

Using handspun yarn allows you to be one step closer to the sheep or animal that provided the wool/fiber, and also supports a trans-cultural tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Knitting or crocheting with handspun yarn allows you to experience the unique properties of different types of wool/fiber.  You are that much closer to the sheep from which the wool was shorn. The fleeces of different sheep breeds or other fiber animals have different qualities, such as crimp, “hand” and lustre.  Handspun yarn better retains these qualities. 

Small-farm prepared fleeces are not repeatedly washed with chemical compounds. Commercially prepared fibers almost always are, because larger spinning mills often require fleeces to be washed vigorously so that the natural lanolin of the fiber does not gunk up machinery while it is being spun.  With hand spun yarns, longer fibers tend to stay more intact, and thereby allow for less pilling in your finished work.  The beauty of a yarn that is spun by hand, is the textured nuances of a handmade product which come through in your knitted or crocheted creation.

By buying our Maine made handspun yarns you are supporting a local artisan, a local shearer, a local hay farmer.  Additionally, because small farmers use a well-managed rotational grazing system, you are also supporting a renewable pasture ecosystem, and potential farms for years to come.

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