Loons on the Lake Pattern

$ 5.00

The sport weight version of Loons on the Lake was an exclusive pattern for Fiber of Maine subscribers for two months; now it is available to the world! It is an original design by Donna Ritchie of Mrs Knitter Designs, of Ellsworth, Maine. Although she has made this design in fingering weight, this was the first one she adapted for sport weight. Even in sport weight, the hat is lightweight and lofty, more beautiful in real life, and it looks fabulous on everyone who has tried it on! The pattern was designed using Jaggerspun’s Green Line (solid colors), but we liked knitting it in their Heather Line. We stock both yarn lines, and the hat is stunning in either yarn!

If you haven’t done colorwork before, don’t be alarmed. The design of this pattern allows you to easily pick and choose sections you may or may not want to do in colorwork while still making a beautiful tam! You can get a little lesson in “color stranding” on a YouTube video. Also, if you are a “continental” knitter or struggle with using both hands to manipulate each color of yarn, there is a little gadget called a Yarn Guard, by Clover, that goes on your finger to help keep the yarns separated without twisting.

This hat pattern uses four colors. We used Lava (a heathered black), Edelweiss, Periwinkle and Chokecherry. The pattern as written uses the colors Onyx, Ivory, Topaz (green) and Scarlet in the Green Line. The finished hat weighs only about 65 grams, so you will have a lot of yarn left over. We recommend buying two skeins of Lava or Onyx so that you can make two hats as shown, with still plenty of yarn to make more hats or mittens. 

We buy the pattern for you from Mrs Knitter Designs on Ravelry, and send you both a hard copy and an electronic copy. This makes it convenient for you to shop for the complete project in one place or to send it as a gift.

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