Finnsheep Yarn from Sweet Clover Farm (dk, worsted, aran)

$ 16.00

Handspinners, and the fiber mill in Aroostook County, just love to spin Finnsheep fleece.  We hope to get more hand knitters to experience it as well. This fiber is soft, yet durable, with and the fiber's crimp makes the spun yarn somewhat springy and lofty.

We wrote about Sweet Clover Farm in our March 2017 blog post.  At the time of our visit, the Finnsheep had not been shorn, but now this year's fleece is yarn!

The specifics of Sweet Clover's yarn is as follows:

aran weight - a warm, earthy, medium grey, 2-ply, approx.150 yards and 95 grams per skein, $19.00;

worsted weight - a light brown, 2-ply, approx. 200 yards and 110 grams per skein, $21.00;

dk weight - a dark chocolate, 2-ply, approx 170 yards and 75 grams per skein, $16.00.

If you would like another colorway of yarn to use with the dk weight dark chocolate yarn, it will work beautifully in the same project with Soft Rain Farm's dk weight Finnsheep yarn. 

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