Core Spun and Tailspun Yarn by Silk Purse Handspun

$ 33.00

There is nothing quite like handspun yarn. We are delighted to provide one-of-a-kind skeins of handspun yarns from talented Maine craftspeople. Each skein is as unique as the spinner who created it on her spinning wheel - especially when it is core spun or tailspun!

Core spun yarn is made when loose fibers are spun around a wool core, creating yarn that has variety and texture. Tailspun is made from long wool locks spun end to end to highlight the curly nature and texture of the fleece. The dyed yarn is core spun, and the natural, undyed yarn is tailspun.

In general, Silk Purse Handspun yarns would be considered super bulky weight. They are great for weaving, and are used in hand knitting, either as a project itself, embellishment in a project, or for edging.

Silk Purse Handspun specializes in art yarns and wool batts for spinners, made by Pat Knox. Pat's medium is the abundance of quality fibers produced here in Maine, which she hand-processes, hand-dyes, blends and spins for rich texture and brilliant colors, usually with a generous dose of sparkle tossed in. She has dabbled in fiber arts for years, and with some extra time on her hands now, she has decided to dive into hand spinning full-time, loving every minute of it. 

We also sell Silk Purse Handspun's carded batts.

Pat works out of a tiny home studio in her home in Swanville with husband Steve, where they are overseen by two dogs and three precocious parrots.

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