Chaos Yarn (Handspun)

$ 13.00

Chaos Yarn is handspun by Susan Small.  She washes the Maine fiber, dyes, teases and/or cards it before spinning. Her label is famous for her fiber content which states: "Contains trace cat hairs".

All the fiber comes from Maine, except for crocus colorway, which is only dyed and spun in Maine. The crocus colorway is a Corriedale Cross fiber and is Navajo plied. The medium and dark brown colorways are undyed fiber. The medium brown is a Corriedale and Romney Cross with faux (soft, synthetic) angora highlights. The fire colorway is spun with faux angora and firestar (sparkly synthetic) highlights.

The yarn knits at at a dk/light worsted weight gauge and sells for $5.00 an ounce.

Susan lives on Easy Street in Litchfield with her 3 cats and spins when she is not teaching mathematics to high school students.

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