B bar C Farm Angora (dk)

$ 24.00

Have you tried to find angora or an angora blend lately?  It is difficult to find it on the commercial market, due in part, to concerns that rabbits raised for the commercial market have not been treated ethically. The rabbits at B bar C Farm in Hampden, Maine, are individually named and loved.

This 2-ply yarn, made from German and German/French Hybrid Angora rabbits shorn in Hampden, is spun in Aroostock County, Maine. The 70% angora fiber is mixed with 30% merino which helps to stabilize the angora. The skein of white angora has 150 yards. The grey angora (125 yards) is mixed with black merino. The taupe (140 yards) is mixed with Rambouillet. The warm tweed (100 yards) is mixed with undyed merino and silk noils. The mint (140 yards) is 70% angora, 20% Blue Face Leicester and 10% silk. All colorways weigh 2 ounces per skein. 

This angora yarn knits at a dk weight. The more angora yarn is handled and washed, the more it "blooms".  One skein will make a cowl or hat, and we have included a free pattern for a simple, but elegant, seed stitch cowl. The cowl pattern uses a 16"- #8 circular needle.

We also created the Beech Hill Baby Booties and Cap pattern for this yarn because if you haven’t seen a baby wearing an angora hat, you are missing out on seeing something amazingly beautiful. 

The combination of all these things makes this yarn special and unique. It is just so lovely!

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