6-Month Subscription (Knit)

$ 155.00

We will send you a skein of gorgeous Maine yarn from a different supplier once a month for six months. You will receive a knitting pattern, yarn to complete the project, and information about the artisan or mill that made your project possible.

Throughout the term of your subscription, you will receive a variety of Maine-grown or -dyed fibers, including wool, alpaca, and angora. We will vary your yarns sources from hand spun to Maine's larger mills.

If you select jewel tones, we will try to send you a fiber project in the deep blues, emeralds, and regal purples reminiscent of a Maine night sky or its lakes and oceans. Occasionally, magenta or red. We may not always have this option, but we will try our best!

If you select earth tones, we will send your fiber in the colors of Maine's forest and farmlands -- earthy browns, moss greens, and autumnal leaves. Occasionally deep blue. We may not always have this option, but we will try our best!

 If you don't have a strong color preference, select "Suprise Me"!

This one-time payment for a six month subscription includes shipping to the US, and is just under $26 a month for a truly unique Maine product. Read more about subscribing on our Subscriptions page. Typically, we will mail subscriptions around mid-month.

We are happy to ship internationally.  Please email us for international rates.

US Customers, please make sure to select "Free Shipping -- Subscription Only" in checkout.

The product photos are intended as an example of our color palettes, not a representation of the exact yarn you will receive. 

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