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Sea Glass Stitch Markers

$ 25.00

These stitch marker sets are made with Maine sea glass, stainless steel memory wire, and wrapped with plated beading wire.  Each individual marker is made from stainless steel memory wire and hand-soldered using a lead free silver bearing solder.  Each set contains one unique color marker which is often used to mark the beginning of a row, as well as four same color markers for a total of five markers per set.  They will fit up to a size US 13 needle.

Gerald and Sara Myrick are coast-combing artisans from Downeast Maine, who love to find treasures formed by nature to incorporate into their unique Coastal Whims Designs. A local service technician and an art educator by day, they spend much of their free time either exploring the local area with their kids or creating new ide.as for their small family owned business.

If you would like a small gift box for these stitch markers at no charge, please write "gift box" in the optional gift message section at the checkout.

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