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Glass Bead Stitch Markers

$ 4.50

These glass bead stitch markers are handmade one at a time by Lisa Cooley of Molten Mama Lampwork Beads. Lisa makes glass beads in her shop in Jackson, Maine. 

These stitch markers are a joy to use, gliding smoothly along your needles, and delightful to encounter as you return to the beginning of your round.  Fits up to size US 11 (8mm).

Lampwork beads are made by melting rods of glass (Lisa uses Venetian glass) at a torch, and winding the glass around a steel rod. By holding the glass in the flame and rotating the rod, the melted glass becomes round. "Lampwork" beadmaking is an ancient art; glass beads have been found in archeological digs around the Middle East dating back to 10,000 BC. 

Lisa uses a variety of techniques to create different bead designs and effects. She designs and creates jewelry pieces using the beads and sells them online and at Maine craft shows. 

These stitch markers are sold individually so that you can mix it up -- don't forget to choose a unique one which marks the beginning of your round!  

If you would like a small gift box for these markers at no charge, please write "gift box" in the optional gift message section at the checkout.

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