Maine Yarn and Fiber

Coopworth Yarn from Spring Fed Farm (worsted)

$ 21.00

Coopworth fleece has three qualities that many spinners, knitters and crocheters love: a long fber length (which tends to produce a knitted fabric less prone to pilling), a defined crimp (the more crimped or wavy the fibers are, the more elastic the yarn) and a noticeable luster. 

This yarn from Spring Fed Farm in Northport, was spun at Aroostook Fiberworks in Ashland, Maine.

All colorways are approximately 200 yds/100 grams except the creamy ecru which is approximately 150 grams. We knit samples at 5.5 to 4.5 sts. per inch on a US #6 to #8 needle.

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