Maine Yarn and Fiber

Maddfuzzy (East Friesian wool) Sock Yarn

$ 28.00

Marta Madden of Maddfuzzy is super passionate about breed specific sock yarns. She searches Maine for such wool, prepares the fleece for processing, and dyes it after it is returned to her as yarn. The fiber is spun into yarn at Aroostook Fiberworks in Ashland.

She likes East Friesian wool because with or without nylon, it is a long staple fiber which tends to produce a hard-wearing yarn.  This heavy fingering weight yarn is not just for socks, but for any project that requires a sturdy and springy yarn.  East Fresian is a hearty wool, and we do not recommend it for sensitive skin.  It is perfect for those knitters who like to know they are knitting with minimally processed wool.

Our skein offerings are at least 100 grams and 380 yards, containing 80% East Friesian wool and 20% Starfire nylon. There is a little glimmer in the yarn, but we would not consider it "sparkly".

 Marty invites you to watch her podcast linked here.

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