Maine Yarn and Fiber

Handspun by Cabriole Farm

$ 16.00

This handspun is from Joanna Bullock of Cabriole Farm in Plymouth, Maine.  Joanna raises Finnsheep, and we wrote about her on our November 8, 2017 blog post.  You can read more about her here.

What is particularly unusual about Joanna’s handspun is that she combs, then spins her fleece “dirty”. She washes the fleece after it is spun it into yarn.  She likes the results better, and we do too.  We love the amazing amount of lanolin left in the yarn; it is like knitting off the sheep. It is the most lanolin-rich yarn we have come across. Your hands will love working with it, and the recipient will love it too!

Because of the attributes of handspun yarn, you may find that you will get a larger gauge than you thought when using a smaller needle.  We knit our skein at a dk gauge. Although the thickness of the yarn in most of the skeins look similar, each skein of handspun yarn is unique and therefore we recommend you make a gauge swatch before starting your project. 

All skeins are considered dk weight unless otherwise noted.

A few colorways of Cabriole Farm's mill spun Finnsheep wool can be found here.



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