Maine Yarn and Fiber

Gotland Yarn by Fiber of Maine/Shepherds Craft Farm (dk, worsted, bulky)

$ 21.00

Gotland sheep produce a lustrous fiber that is soft and silky. However, getting it made into yarn at a Maine fiber mill is a bit of a challenge. Gotland tends to suffer big losses of fiber through its processing - especially the dark fleeces. It is therefore a bit of a rarity to find mill-spun Gotland yarn from Maine.

We had Gotland fleece from Shepherds Craft Farm processed into yarn at Aroostook Fiberworks in Ashland. There, it was mixed with 20% merino wool in an effort to help with processing.

At the moment we have two colorways: a rich dark grey in bulky weight, and a natural white that is available in dk weight, worsted and bulky.

The bulky weight has approximately 90 yards (dark grey) or 110 (white) for a 100 gram hank.  It knits at 3.5 - 3.75 sts. per inch on a US #9 or #10 needle.  The worsted has approximately 160 yards on a 100 gram hank and knits at 4 - 4 1/2 sts. per inch on a US #7 or #8 needle. The dk weight has approximately 215 yards on a 100 gram hank and knits at 5 - 5 1/2 sts. per inch on a US #5 or #6 needle.

Shepherds Craft Farm is located in Whitefield. Shepherd Laurel Banks' enthusiasm for sustainable farming - both from an economic and environmental standpoint - is contagious. She is passionate about producing the finest fleeces. Read about our visit to Shepherds Craft Farm on our blog.

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